flickrshow Simple javascript slideshows for Flickr

Flickrshow FAQ

With over fifteen thousand images in the flickrshow cache, there would doubtless be some questions about how to use our software. Here are a few of the most common problems and questions. If your problem is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why do my images not fill the flickrshow view port?
The slideshow automatically resizes images to fit in the viewport it appears in. To alter the size of the flickrshow, change the dimensions of your HTML DIV to match the size or ratio of your images.
I love flickrshow and want the code for myself. Can I have it?
Unfortunately, no. For the moment, flickrshow is not available for people to download and use on their own servers.
I have made changes to my photoset, but they are not appearing in flickrshow!
We maintain a cache of each photoset on our servers to speed up the slideshow. Because of this, you may need to tell us when you makes changes so the cache can be updated. To do this, go to and add your photoset ID to the end of the URL. Your photoset will be updated with the latest changes.
Your slideshow is not working in Internet Explorer 5/Netscape 2/Opera 3!
While every effort is made to make flickrshow work in as many browsers as possible, a line had to be drawn to allow for a lot of the features. Internet Explorer below version six and other older browsers will not work with flickrshow.
I really love your slideshow but won’t use it until you add this feature!
Unfortunately we won’t be adding features to the slideshow without a very good reason. Satisfying all feature requests would be an impossible task and create bloated, buggy software for everybody. We still want to hear your thoughts, opinions and ideas, but please don't expect them to be implemented.
I really love your slideshow but won’t use it until you add this colour scheme!
The only exception to the above is for colour schemes - within reason we will add different colour schemes so users can use the slideshow in different designs.